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"Over my career I have done tons of ADR and Voice Over work. I've worked for every major studio in the film and television industry in NY and LA. The stuff Noah's recorded for me at SoundRide rivals any room I've been in. Great sound, and he is a master on the board. Amazing work." 


Paul Rae

Actor -”True Grit”  “W”

"Noah and Gemma are absolute professionals!I had a blast   recording in their studio; with their patience, expertise, & dedication, they helped me create the perfect demo reel.”


-Marie Lingaban 


“Great experience. I am new to the voice-over world, and the guys at sound ride studio were terrific. They gave great direction, and were very supportive and helpful. I recommend it to anyone with audio recording needs.”


-Kevin C.

“Recording at SoundRide was a quick and enjoyable working experience! Noah was warm, professional and very helpful throughout the session, offering notes where needed and editing on the spot as we went. I was in and out within minutes, but never felt rushed and left feeling completely confident in the product we'd created. My completed project was e-mailed to me the very next day and I couldn't be happier! As a professional voice over artist, I highly recommend this studio!”


-Gabrielle S.

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