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Pro Tools

The industry standard for DAW's. 


Sonarworks Sound ID

It isn't enough to have a treated a space. With this Sonarworks software, the sound from the monitors has been perfectly measured and calibrated to reflect the exact sound spectrum.

SoundID Brighter.jpg

KrK 8s Subwoofer

Bass can get overlooked, but here it isn't forgotten.


UAD Apollo Quad 8

Universal Audio is just the best. Apollo 8 is an acclaimed professional recording interface giving studios superior A/D and D/A conversion with the tone, feel, and realtime workflow of classic analog recording.


Yamaha HS7 Monitors

Every component, down to the placement of the screws, has been designed to deliver the best audio response and eliminate unwanted vibration and resonance in these monitors. They are well served at SoundRide with handbuilt panels and isolated mounts.


UAD Solo 610 Preamp

Whether for Vocal Mics or going DI with a bass, this all tube lunchbox preamp lifts and warms the signal, giving it real analog feel.



Neumann TLM 108

German made large diaphragm condenser microphone ideal for vocals.


Cascade "Fathead" Ribbon 

Ribbons are always a great option and sound particularly good on guitar cabinets and overheads. I like using this guy in tandem with the SM 57.


Sennheiser MKH416

This Voiceover standard is an interference tube mic designed for film, radio, and television. It's a perfect mic for vocals while trying to avoid bleed from other instruments. 


Shure KSM 141's

These small diaphragm condensers from Shure are my workhorses. They're great on their own and even better used as a stereo pair for guitar and piano.

Twelve .jpg

Shure SM 57

A must have for any recording studio. This dynamic mic is a go to for recording guitar cabs as well as a great option for snare drums, acoustics, and even the occasional vocal.


Bluebird Blue Bottle

Another great option for vocalists and for amps. Looks can be deceiving and this mic is more than just cute.



Fabfilter Pro Q

First and foremost I tend to EQ. This one is my favourite. Whether I'm notching out a harsh frequency or doing a simple high pass filter, this is my go to.


EMT 140

Plate reverb. It's the sauce. Whether you want it swimming or just a touch of ambient energy, this one works brilliantly.


Ampex Atr-102

This UAD plugin emulates tap saturation. Great for a master. Helps make tracks sound like the radio.


Neve 33609

One of the many UAD plug ins I love. This is compressor is great on a master bus. It's an intuitive glue.


Fairchild Limiter

This thing just makes guitars sing. I almost always throw a touch on acoustics. A beautiful replication of analog tone.


AKG Box Spring Reverb

That indie sound. Great for a cohesive vibe on an aux bus.



A standard. The old simple compressor everyone seems to go back to. I use it sparingly, but it still proves worthwhile.


T-Racks Custom Suite

Not only are these Tracks plugins great for compression, eq, etc., they are literally enough for a great master. The presets, with a touch of love and care, can have you broadcast ready.


Maag EQ

When the Eq'ing is for lifting, not cutting. This accentuates a vocal just right.


Slate FG-X

Another great mastering tool. Besides being a beast of a compressor, it can simply and easily make the track louder.


These are just some of my most used. There are also basic de-essers, stock plug ins, etc. I just don't want to spend forever listing them, but am always happy to discuss in more detail!

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